About Us

Mike Conley is a writer living in the hills of Echo Park,
a stone’s throw from Dodger Stadium. Fascinated by science since he was a child, Mike was drawn to the ingenuity, simplicity and safety of the Molten Salt Reactor. To learn more, he became a member of the Thorium Energy Alliance, a close-knit community of MSR advocates. His approach to the brainiacs he’s met through the TEA is simple: If they explain their technology to him, he’ll  explain it to the world. This book is part of that ongoing project.

Tim Maloney is a retired community college professor of electronics and machine control. Alarmed since adolescence about the effects of industrialization on earth’s ecosphere, Tim has always been hopeful regarding nuclear fission because of its minimal extractive impact, a benefit of its superior energy density. Learning of the liquid fuel concept in reactor design (the Molten Salt Reactor, or MSR) Tim now works to promote awareness of the technology as the most scalable and viable replacement for fossil fuels.